Bhut Jolokia -- World's
Hottest Pepper, 3
times hotter than a
Habanero Pepper.
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          Main Street - Savusavu,  Fiji      679-833-6999
Fresh, Hydroponic grown  Fiji Lettuce, Peppers  and
Tomatoes.  Substainable grown with pure Fiji water.
Fiji Greenouse Produce     P.O.Box  534         Savusavu, Fiji                 679-833-6999
Fiji  Greenhouse  Produce
This site still under construction.
taken Nov.
20th. from
our BBQ
The Hydro-nut
Hydroponic growing system, constructed of Bamboo and Coconuts, using Coconut
husk (Coir) as a growing media. Worm casting and Humas tea used as fertilizer.
Bamboo Trading Post site.
Horse and Baby eating in the shade behind the BBQ stand.
Houses and
Bamboo Plant
Shade House.
Living Lettuce container.
Greenearth's Fiji
Style Worlds
Hottest Pepper
Whales Teeth
Fiji Islands
Fiji's own "Cannibal
Tomato" - Made World's
first BBQ sauce.
Worlds Largest and most Valuable Pearl's.